TRERO – The Rebreather Exploration Research Organization – could not function without dedicated divers and scientists who believe in pushing the limits of human abilities to contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the world. We are grateful for their devotion to scientific research and exploration.

Peter Sotis

Peter Sotis-Chairman of the Board Member of the International Alliance of Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) Board of Advisors IANTD Instructor Trainer Trainer IANTD Instructor Trainer – Cave, Technical Cave, Trimix, rEvo, Optima, Hollis Prism2, Hollis Explorer, Megalodon, Pathfinder, Poseidon, Titan IANTD Instructor – Evolution, Inspiration, Sentinel, Hammerhead, KISS, Flex Extreme, Advanced Wreck, DPV, Full Face Mask

Peter is qualified to develop divers, instructors and instructor trainers to any level. As a member of the IANTD Board of Advisors he is training others and is developing training programs that reflect his experience and dedication to the sport.

Peter’s passion for rebreather diving and exploring has led to the development of the The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization dive team and the The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization Science Council. This highly trained team consistently pushes the limits as they explore deep walls in excess of 600 feet, deep wrecks and extreme caves. Peter is currently leading a cave exploration in Quintana Roo, Mexico, also known as the “Pit Project”. Its progress can be followed on the Youtube website.

Peter is the inventor of TruDive, an innovative and accurate method for dive planning. This system is currently being built into a platform for general use and will be released in the near future.

Peter’s passion for research, exploration and education is internationally respected and the force behind The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization.

Dr. Claudia Sotis

Dive Team Physician Member Science Council Instructor – Hollis Explorer, Advanced Recreational Trimix CCR Cave Diver, CCR Trimix Diver

Dr. Sotis is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and a US Army Flight Surgeon. A few months after her board certification, she received her deployment orders for Operation Iraqi Freedom and served as a US Army Major.

Little did she know that diving would become a passion. She took her open water class in 2003 and kept diving until she was made to “dry out” in the desert. As soon as she got back, she resumed and finally made the transition to CCR in 2007. Dr. Sotis is currently certified on seven rebreathers. Diving the Mexican caves is one of her absolute favorites and she is part of the The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization Pit Project.

Dr. Sotis’ professional background as an anesthesiologist and her interest in dive physiology and decompression sickness enable her to peruse the latest research in dive medicine. As part of the dive team, she functions as the team’s dive physician and safety diver. Dr. Sotis is part of the Science Council, which educates on the latest research and insights. Current and future postings on the topics of fitness and diving can be found on the The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization Website’s Science Section.

Dr. Edwin (Rick) Slott

CCR Trimix, CCR Cave, rEvo, Evolution

Dr. Slott is a Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and holds a PhD in genetics. Over the years, Dr. Slott developed additional interests in hyperbaric medicine and exercise physiology.

As an avid CCR diver, Dr. Slott is certified on multiple units up to full trimix.

Dr. Slott is an invaluable member of the Science Council. With his unique background, talent and interests, Dr. Slott joins the team that aims to educate divers regarding all physiological aspects of diving. Current and future postings on the topics of fitness and diving can be found on the The Rebreather Exploration and Research Organization Website’s Science Section.

John “Ozzy” Osgood

LMT, NMT, Personal Trainer, CCR Trimix Diver

Mr. Osgood is a personal trainer and a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist. Ozzy utilizes his expertise to implement movement specific exercises optimizing one’s body for diving. He believes in preparing the body for the exertion of diving

John’s expertise is essential to the dive team. His 15 years of diving experience coupled with his professional background brings about a unique and effective approach. Acting as the team personal trainer and nutritionist, his participation is a key component in preparing the team.

John’s input is also invaluable to the Science Council. He provides insight into much of the research information as they collaborate over the latest findings pertaining to diving.